Beowabbit (beowabbit) wrote,

What a dreadful commute home

Left work very late. Due to construction the T was running shuttle busses between Broadway and JFK/UMass. The one I got on was insanely crowded. It also had some trouble with its engine, such that it was extremely jerky. Some of the riders were drunk.

This is a poor combination.

Fortunately I was not splattered, nor did I slip and fall. Not everyone was so fortunate.

The bus drove around the block with us all holding our noses (those of us who could reach them in the crowd), which took a long time due to whatever was wrong with the engine. Then we got off and waited for another shuttle bus to take us to JFK/UMass, where I finally got on the train that's taking me to Quincy Center.

Most of the time I love public transit.

[EDIT: And when I got home I was reminded that I had been virtuous and set the cleanable bits of my CPAP machine to soak this morning. So I have to rinse them thoroughly and let them at least semi-dry before I can go to sleep. Good thing I can sleep late tomorrow.]
Tags: boston, diary, travel

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