Beowabbit (beowabbit) wrote,

Busy couple of days

I can’t tell you all how excellent the last couple days have been, because I desperately need to sleep. I’ll just give you the bullet points:
  • Went to Walden Pond with surrealestate on Tuesday, which was awesome! It was great to get there (my first time this summer), and great to get to spend the time with her. We did quite a bit of swimming and quite a bit of work on our impending melanomas. I’m so glad she suggested it! I might have forgotten to go all summer; now I want to go back as soon as possible.
  • Then we had dinner at Punjabi Dhaba (sp?) in Inman Square. It was yummy, although it would have been yummier (and considerably less work) if I had remembered to ask them for no cilantro. I often forget that at Indian restaurants.
  • After dinner, I got to see plumtreeblossom for Diesel-and-dinner (well, she had dinner; I had just had lunch dinner, so I just had an espresso) and walk her to her rehearsal, which was a delightful cherry on a day full of ice cream and whipped cream.
  • Today, devoken got together some people to go see the new Harry Potter movie. (I hadn’t realized it was out yet, actually!) Since I recently discovered I can go to BiCamp on Friday night and stay till Saturday morning (rather than my previous plan to day-trip on Sunday morning), and I have to pack and get ready after work by then, and since I checked the T web site and knew going into it that I’d miss the last train and have to take a taxi home, this was a foolish decision. Like many foolish decisions, it’s one I don’t regret at all. Loved the movie, although I thought it was a bit compressed compared to the previous ones, and heavier on special effects. Very glad I went, and I got some great time to chat with devoken while we discovered that yes, we had missed the last train and in the cab ride (which we shared to her house, since she was more or less on the way to my house).
So yes, I’m having way too much fun. Now I need to have some sleep, too.
Tags: arts, diary, food, friends, outdoors, plumtreeblossom, surrealestate

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