Beowabbit (beowabbit) wrote,

Today’s report

  • I got to sleep late.
  • I got to meet plumtreeblossom near her work for lunch.
  • I got my car back. The brakes work now.
  • I helped desiringsubject and imvfd get some data off a failing hard drive.
  • Having gotten my car back, I was able to run some errands I’d had pending for a while.
  • Having slept late, I got a later start to the day than I had planned to, and didn’t get a bunch of stuff done around the house that I had meant to.
  • My ankle — actually, my foot this time; the pain has moved — has become problematic again.
  • I did an awful lot of walking before I called and found out that my brakes were done.
  • Some of this walking was back and forth on what I thought was imvfd’s and desiringsubject’s street, before giving up and taking a cab to the garage that had just told me I could retrieve my car. (I later figured out that I had been on the wrong street, and that was why the street numbers made no sense. If I try to tell anybody that the hormones are making me less st00pid, please remind me of this fact.)
  • I felt slightly rushed all day.
  • Yesterday’s high in Boston was 89°F (about 32°C). I suspect today’s high was higher. Right now, several hours after dark, the temperature is 83°F. Those of you who live in habitable warm places need to understand what the humidity is like. And the pollen. If I lived in Antarctica, it would be the middle of the winter right now! Sorry, everbody, I love you all, but the penguins call.
Tags: diary, local, outdoors, plumtreeblossom

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