Beowabbit (beowabbit) wrote,

Happy birthday dan4th (et al.)

Happy birthday to the delightful, fun, smart, and sexy dan4th!

(Also, because I have been grotesquely neglectful of my duties lately, happy belated birthday, in increasing order of belatedness, to pyrobaka, majes, aibyou_canti, onemintjulep, onemintjulep, queue, and a very late May Day happy birthday to my brother-in-law spacechicken and his brother bobtshirt. (Hey, are you guys twins, or did you just happen to be born on the same day in different years?) And to many other people, as well.

Oh, and happy Bunker Hill Day! (That article mentions this historical flag of New England, which is pretty nifty. I think we should revive it.)

[EDIT: Oh, and dan4th also writes differenceblog, on research into gender differences. Definitely worth a read. (dan4th, you know where to send the check... :-)]
Tags: birthdays, history, links, psa

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