Beowabbit (beowabbit) wrote,


I'm in northeastern Connecticut camping with cathijosephine and darxus. I was very late getting out of Boston, due to a combination of factors including my own poor planning, and was stressed about that, but it wasn't insanely late by the time I got here (with our food and tents -- darxus and cathijosephine came down on darxus' bike), and we got the tents set up without too much trouble.

Oh, the sky was gorgeous! I really should have brought my big telescope. The stars were intense.

This morning Zeph made yummy breakfast of bacon and scrambled eggs and scrambled pancakes with berries. It's gorgeously sunny. We saw a couple raptors of some sort circling this morning. darxus has been getting lots of good pictures. Life is good.

I has a flavor. It a bacon flavor.
Tags: cathijosephine, darxus, diary, food, friends, outdoors, tribe
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