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Now mostly on Facebook (and rarely caught up even there)
The weekend 
15th-Oct-2003 06:34 am
Me: on Ferris wheel 2012-09-09
First of all, *grrr*. I’m not a morning person. I’m not supposed to wake up at 6:00am and not be able to get back to sleep. Not the first time, either.

On a pleasanter note, I picked up docorion and sionnagh at the airport Friday night.

docorion and I had a nice brunch at Johnny D’s on Saturday (after a stop in McIntyre and Moore to pick up a present for zzbottom). We ended up there because a couple other places in Davis Square were closed, but I’m glad we did; the food was very good, and I never think to go there except when there’s a Biversity brunch. (And I haven’t managed to make it to the last few of those there, either.) Then I dropped docorion off at the hotel for his conference.

Then sionnagh and I went to the Fells for a little hike (and to check out all the dogs at the Sheepfold). After that we did a bit of shopping, then came home and read some Harry Potter aloud. Then she took off to go visit her mom in Connecticut.

Sunday Dreaming came over, visiting from Albany. We had a great time. He introduced me to a vegan restaurant called Life and Light in West Newton. The decor was, well, ‘unpretentious’ is one way of putting it, but the food was truly spectacular. Really, really yummy! It was really good to get the chance to catch up with Dreaming.

Sunday night I went to zzbottom's birthday party, which was great. (Dreaming went too, but we had to take separate cars so he could go back home from there.) I played a game of Settlers and a game of Cities and Knights. Many wonderful people were there, including docorion, bbbsg and [onemintjulep, who didn’t have a journal when I wrote this], up from Connecticut. I left around midnight — I’d been thinking about leaving a lot earlier because I was really tired, but then I noticed that a Cities and Knights game was starting up. :-)

On Monday I drove down to Connecticut to visit sionnagh and her mother near Hartford. We went to the Mark Twain House (sionnagh’s idea), which was fascinating. The house itself is amazing; the architecture and décor are elaborate and eclectic. And I learned a lot more about Sam Clemens than I’d known. I knew he had gone bankrupt at one point, and I guess I assumed that he’d always been financially struggling, but actually his wife was spectacularly wealthy, and he’d been very commercially successful, and a lot of his life was spent in affluence. (After he went bankrupt he went on a lecture tour to raise money and ended up wealthy again.) Anyway, that was great! Then we went (with a friend of sionnagh’s mom’s) on a little hike at a reservoir on Mt Tom, which was nice. Then sionnagh and I read some more Harry Potter before I headed home.
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