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Hi. After being told that a second-level tech support person would call at 1:00am EST, I waited until 4:00am (well, to be fair, I dozed off a bit) to call and find out what was going on. The second-level tech support person decided that the problem was definitely not my DSL modem (despite the fact that the symptoms are pretty much identical to last time, when it was definitely the modem, and despite the fact that the first-level tech support person I talked to on Sunday said the line seemed fine and it was probably the modem). He opened a trouble ticket with the DSL carrier, and told me to expect a call at noon tomorrow. (Of course, I've never gotten a call when I was told I would. The people I talk to on the phone when I reach them are always very helpful, but they don't seem to have a good system for telling each other to make phone calls).

So the upshot is that and (and, which is also hosted here) are off the net until further notice, since the connection seems thoroughly dead now. (I'm posting this via dialup from a laptop, but haven't had any luck getting the rest of the household net to route through the laptop, not that I've tried too hard since it was 6:00am by the time i got off the phone with the ISP, having discovered I wasn't going to have net tonight.

News flash: My net seems to have just come back on. Let's hope it stays up long enough for a little mail to get transferred.

Tags: diary, tech

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