Beowabbit (beowabbit) wrote,

Super-quick medical update

Had an appointment with an ophthalmologist today. The short version is that my eyes are pretty much fine.

I made the appointment (at my PCP’s suggestion) for two reasons. The main one is that for a few months I’ve noticed lots and lots of floaters (and tangled clumps of them, and a few small dark ones which I hadn’t had before). The lesser one is that I had some styes in one eye.

Anyway, the floaters are evidently nothing to worry too much about. The ophthalmologist told me that with age, the vitreous humour (the clear material that forms the bulk of the volume of the eyeball) can detatch from the retina, and that process produces lots of floaters. The floaters eventually settle out and diminish in the visual field, and if the retina isn’t damaged during that process of detatchment, no harm is done. I’m undergoing that process. I’ll go back in a couple of months to make sure no damage to the retina has occurred

For the stye (which seems to be very slowly shrinking on its own anyway), I got a prescription for erythromycin drops.

I’m glad some of my medical questions are easily answered. :-)

Next up, a hematologist to talk to me about my low (but on the edge of the normal range) hematocrit. (Roughly, I think that means or at least correlates with low red blood cell count).
Tags: diary, health

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