Beowabbit (beowabbit) wrote,

plumtreeblossom can has jobs!

Yay! Sweet plumtreeblossom has a job! And it’s a nifty one.

She (along with a sizable fraction of her co-workers) got laid off from her job at a local publishing company about three weeks ago. She got six weeks’ severance pay and the services of a placement-consulting firm as part of the layoff.

On Monday, she starts work at Zipcar. (If you don’t know what they do, check the link — they’re nifty.) She’s very excited and so am I.

And she’s had lots of interest since she posted her résumé, which is certainly gratifying. Yay! And it sounds like Zipcar is a really good fit, both in terms of skills and interests and in terms of the work environment.

By the way, my subject line refers to this userpic of hers:
Tags: diary, plumtreeblossom, psa

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