Beowabbit (beowabbit) wrote,

Quick update

Had a doctor's appointment yesterday. Now I have lots more doctor's appointments to make: ophthamologist, another ENT besides the ENT I already have an appointment scheduled with (this guy does ears, so my doctor wants me to see him about a few bouts of dizziness I've had), and another appointment with my PCP in a month or so. And I still want to make that appointment with the neurologist that I haven't gotten around to making. Well, no, I actually don't, but I ought to. :-) Although I think really the throat ENT is the one that's likeliest to make a difference. I think I just need my throat Roto-Rooted.

On a lighter note, had a lovely time with plumtreeblossom at one of elusiveat's reading nights. I must own a copy of Thomas Wharton's The Logogryph. There was a lot of other nifty stuff read, including an wonderful original story by RED SHIFT!!! (who needs to get a LiveJournal account so I can stop typing all that fancy HTML when I mention him here). And this morning has been delightful too. At one point (after I'd taken off my mask for the morning but while we were still snuggling in bed) I was spooning plumtreeblossom, she was spooning her cat Rowley, and her cat Benjamin was curled up on my pillow behind my head. Perfect kind of morning.
Tags: animals, books, diary, friends, health, plumtreeblossom

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