Beowabbit (beowabbit) wrote,
beowabbit's net is very flaky (and some good stuff)

Bad:’s DSL connection has been slightly flaky for a while. Today it’s graduated to extremely flaky; down as often as it’s up. I’ve been on the phone (and on hold) with my ISP lots lately, but hadn’t gotten very far, in part due to the fact that until now the problems were very intermittent (so likely to have resolved themselves by the time I got off hold). My best guess is that this DSL modem is dying the way the last one did, since the symptoms are similar. I have another DSL modem, but it seems not to be configured right, and I haven’t yet been able to get in touch with anybody at Speakeasy who could walk me through configuring it. However, I believe that somebody will be calling me tonight at or shortly after 1:00am to walk me through that. If I'm lucky, and the problem is the modem rather than the line, and the new modem works, things may be all better tomorrow.

Bad: I have a cold. :-(

Good: I discovered that my old Ericsson phone (which I got when I had service with VoiceStream, now T-Mobile, may their stock price rot in hell) was not locked, and works with the SIM card for my new service. That means if my new phone breaks or gets lost, I’ll have a spare, and also means that I have a phone I can use in Europe if I ever go back.

Good: Had a nice long phone conversation with my mother today. She’s doing well, and it was great to get caught up.
Tags: diary, family, tech

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