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More on my NYC trip (and the week so far)

As I mentioned, eisa and I saw Pan’s Labyrinth on Saturday, and I loved it. I think that might be a movie I need to own, although I’m very glad I saw it on a big screen. (Actually, we got to the theater pretty late and ended up having to sit in the very front row, so I saw it on a trapezoidal screen which was big at the bottom and small at the top. :-)

That night, I had a weird dream, in which my (late) father was sort of playing the rôle of the brutal Capitán in the movie; I was in a large house with him, and whenever I crossed paths with him, he’d point a gun at me and make it clear that he could kill me with impunity if he wanted to. So I was trying to avoid him through this large maze-like house. Odd dream; I don’t remember ever dreaming about my father even when I was living with him as a child, although to be fair, this dream was more about the character in the movie than about my real father. (Looked like him, though.)

I slept without my CPAP machine for the first time Saturday night, and Sunday wasn’t bad, although I was glad I got to sleep late and didn’t have to be focussed and productive on Sunday. So that’s useful data; maybe skipping it once in a while when travelling is OK. (Actually, although I felt kind of groggy on Sunday, it was a pleasant treat to skip the machine and I felt pretty happy on Sunday. Trained professional on closed track. Kids, don’t try this at home.)

Sunday eisa took me to a wonderful dog-themed restaurant called Fred’s (named after a female black Lab). The walls are covered with snapshots, and the occasional 8x10 glossy, of people’s dogs, sent in from all over the country. Their motto (on all their advertising and on the waitstaff’s T-shirts) is “Come! Sit! Stay!” The only reference to it I found on the web is at this page, which doesn’t say very much but is worth linking to for the utterly fascinating way it spells prix fixe. The food was excellent; I had French toast made with inch-and-a-half-thick slices of spectacular cinnamon raisin bread from a local bakery, and the Hollandaise sauce in eisa’s eggs Benedict was clearly made there and very very good.

(Oh, did I mention there was much snuggling with eisa’s Puppy Monster while I was there?)

Then we went to the American Museum of Natural History. We’d been there the last time (or so) I visited, but we’d only had time to see the Darwin exhibit (now in Boston at the Museum of Science, and to dash through a tiny bit of the rest of the museum. This time we spent almost all of our time in recently revamped Hall of Human Origins, which was really amazing. The science and physical discoveries presented there were very current; it was neat seeing casts of bones I’d read about in the news recently. Notably, they had a cast of a Homo floresiensis skull. That was very impressive. I’d love to go back to that exhibit. Before we left, eisa took me to see the dinosaur and extinct mammal fossils, mainly to show me a giant sloth and a glyptodont, both very impressive.

As always, it was a wonderful trip, if too short. (After two visits I’m sure I’ve barely explored 5% of the American Museum of Natural History. I could happily spend weeks in there.)

Oh, and I also went back to the chi-chi pharmacy near eisa’s and got some more flavours of Breath Palette toothpaste. Last time, I’d gotten Indo-Curry and White Peach flavour. This time, I replenished my supply of those, and also got Bitter Chocolate and Tropical Pineapple (which I gave to plumtreeblossom, who really likes pineapple). So far, Bitter Chocolate is my favourite, although they’re all good.

Highlights since I’ve been back (which are getting fewer column-inches than they deserve just because I’m exhausted and need to stop typing and start sleeping) are a delightful date with plumtreeblossom on Monday, which included some very nice hanging out with thanos73 and mynext_boldmove, and dinner (and dessert) tonight with cathijosephine and xmelancholia. Oh, and a highlight from before the trip was a couple phone calls with missingworlds, a good friend of mine from college.

I confess I’ve been mostly skimming LJ lately, so apologies if I’ve missed important stuff. If you invited me to a party or offered me a free car or the presidency of a small but peaceful and mineral-rich country on LJ recently, you might want to comment here to make sure I saw it.
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