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Yay! Yummy dinner with cathijosephine and xmelancholia. (I made corned beef and cabbage.) And before that I met cathijosephine at a mall near my house and she introduced me to the most amazingest huge collection of stores — Kam Mun market, which has a department store and a large supermarket and some restaurants and a dozen or so smaller stores. I’d seen the exterior, and it just looked like a concrete box; I had no idea I could get so many different kinds of stuff inside. (plumtreeblossom, I bet we can find something analogous to the yukata you were looking for there.)

In other dinner news, I met plumtreeblossom for dinner in Chinatown on Tuesday. (We were both a little low-energy for Diesel.) We ended up at Empire Garden, which was where we had our first date—

CHORUS: Awwww...

—and had a lovely dinner and a fabulous time together.

Tomorrow night I have a second sleep study. I predict that they are going to find that my apnea is much worse, and that the pressure that had been working for me when I first got the CPAP machine isn’t working adequately any more. I really need to get around to making that appointment with an ENT, and y’all should feel free to nag me until I do.

And then I have a lovely and full weekend to look forward to.

Life is good.
Tags: cathijosephine, diary, food, friends, health, local, plumtreeblossom, quincy

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