Beowabbit (beowabbit) wrote,

Books recently read

On my trip to Hawai‘i (mostly during my flights), I finished a couple Pratchett books, Soul Music (about Music with Rocks In) and Interesting Times (about the Agatean Empire, with its complex politics, Great Wall, and Forbidden City). Today on the T on my way to see plumtreeblossom, I finished Moving Pictures (about Holy Wood and the spell it casts on people), out of order. I had actually started it before the trip, but, um, I dropped it in the toilet, and then didn’t feel quite so excited about reading that particular copy any more.

I also finished Barack Obama’s The Audacity of Hope in Hawai‘i, and appreciated it a lot. He (or his ghostwriter, I’m not sure, but I suspect he wrote a lot of it) is not as good a writer as he is a speaker, but it’s still a very engaging, interesting, and thought-provoking book, and makes me feel good about the notion of him as president (although to be fair that’s a notion I felt pretty good about to start with).
Tags: books, diary, obama, politics

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