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Sunday update

I’m here and happy! On the way home from the airport, sionnagh took me to a Japanese curry house. Two choices of sauce (mild or spicy), a choice of how much rice they serve it with, several bases and toppings to choose from, and that’s the menu, aside from a few salads. Really good; I’d love to find a place like that in Boston.

We got to catch up over dinner and in the car, and then there was a wonderful reunion with all the wonderful dogs!

I slept really well and woke up energetic and happy and hung out with the dogs a bit. When sionnagh got up we went out to brunch and then met her friend T. and two of T.’s daughters (4 and 14, I believe). We went to Chinatown, under the misapprehension that there was a lunar new year’s festival still going on, but we wandered around a bit and ended up having dim sum.

Now I’m hanging out at T.’s house with her kids while she and sionnagh are out at a meeting. Fortunately, the 14-year-old is good at translating what the 4-year is trying to say. :-)

Have I mentioned that I wore sandals, shorts and a T-shirt today? Yay!
Tags: animals, diary, food, hawai'i, sionnagh, travel

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