Beowabbit (beowabbit) wrote,

Good weekend

Had a very good weekend.

plumtreeblossom and I went to sunspiral and roozle’s annual Hot Foods Party, which was a wonderful time. This was actually the first time I’d been to one of their parties! I brought chili (boring, yes, but I made it vegan so it would have something to distinguish it from all the chili I expected everybody else to bring), and plumtreeblossom brought wine. There was some really yummy food! Got to hang out some with lots of people, including surrealestate and elusiveat and minerva42 and plumtreeblossom and Red Shift! [insert gleaming heroic smile and go-faster stripes here], whose LJ name I don’t know, and WOWIE-ZOWIE, also weegoddess! and J her J who are back visiting from the UK. That was definitely the high point, due both to rarity and to lusciousness. plumtreeblossom and I had a fabulous time, and I definitely look forward to the next one. Good food and good company and more people per square foot (at least when we arrived) than I think I’ve ever seen before. Oh, and I got to talk to ragingamazon in Thailand on a phone that was being handed around; I think that may become a party tradition.

When we were beginning to pumpkinize we went home to plumtreeblossom’s and got quite a lot of good sleep. (I remember a dream, which usually means I slept really well, but I was very hard to get up in the morning. My wonderful plumtreeblossom let me stay in bed while she made coffee. She must really love me.)

Then we drove to Chinatown for the Poly Boston dim sum brunch plumtreeblossom had organized, and it was quite delightful. The two of us arrived quite a bit early, so we checked out a restaurant-supply store nearby, and each ended up with a few useful items. I found replacement pot lid handles, which was extremely handy since the handle on the lid of my old crockpot had broken a while back. In fact, I had gone out and replaced it (after being unable to find a replacement lid that I was sure would fit my crockpot on Rival’s web site), so now I have two functional crockpots, and I know where to get replacement handles.

Anyway, back to dim sum: There ended up being about 15 of us, most of whom were relatively new to the group. As chance would have it, all the newer people ended up sitting at one table, and most of the “old hands” ended up sitting at the other one. That wasn’t quite the plan, and plumtreeblossom and I were a bit concerned about it, but after a while we could see that the other table was in animated conversation and having fun, so it seems like everything went well. Certainly my belly was very happy.

Then I drove lovely plumtreeblossom home, did some cleaning and laundry around the house, ran a couple of errands, and stopped in to see cathijosephine’s cat Chickenfinger. I didn’t get as much done today as I mean to (as is always the case), but it was a productive day.
Tags: animals, diary, food, friends, plumtreeblossom, polyboston

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