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Good stuff

But first the bad stuff: For those of you who aren’t in the area, it’s cold in the northeast! The sort of cold where my fingers in the nice thick gloves plumtreeblossom gave me hurt by the time I get to the the T station. The sort of cold where the couple times recently I’ve needed to run to catch a train I feel like there are needles in my chest. The sort of cold where my cheeks stay red and painful for a long time after I get to work. After long deliberation, winter has finally decided to come.

Now some good stuff: On Wednesday my lovely plumtreeblossom and I got together, intending to go to the Finnish steam bath in Quincy, but it turns out they’re closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, so we just went to Kagawa for yummy dinner. It had been a very stressful day for her (and a much less stressful but still somewhat frazzled day for me), but we had a warm and delightful time together and the cares fell away. And (as always happens when we see each other on a “school night”, and never happens otherwise) I got in to work on time the next morning. If any of my coworkers had been in, they would have been astonished.

And more good stuff: Yesterday I got to go over to darxus’ house to help him and cathijosephine clean (mostly by keeping them company) and have dinner, which was yummy potato pancakes and bacon, and brownies for dessert. I like the way cathijosephine cooks. Then we watched some Star Trek: TNG before I went home. A lovely and productive evening.

And even more good stuff: I feel kind of conceited telling this story in public, but it made me feel too good to escape notice here. Yesterday at work I got a phone call from an ex of mine whom I haven’t stayed in very close touch with over the past few years, although I still consider her a good friend. She said she was calling just because she’s been complimented a lot recently about how well she takes care of people she loves, and how well she takes care of herself — and she said she feels like she learned a lot of that from her relationship with me! So she was calling to thank me. That made me feel really, really good! We got to do some catching up on the phone, and we’ll get to do some more in person soon.

So I guess I can deal with a little cold weather. :-)
Tags: cathijosephine, diary, food, friends, important, local, me, my personal history, plumtreeblossom, quincy, work

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