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Great morning — brunch with good people, and warm hands!

So I went to the Bi Brunch at Johnny D’s this morning, and got to hang out with beloved plumtreeblossom, delightful minerva42, fabulous lilbjorn, and a couple of other people whose LJ names (if they have them) I don’t know. The food was great, as usual there. I had a cheese omelette and chocolate-chip pancakes with vanilla butter. Oh, and they have carrot juice on the menu! Makes this ’wabbit happy! And their coffee is particularly good.

In addition to returning a shirt I’d left at her place (gee, I’d though I was fully dressed when I went out into that bitter January morning; you’d think I would have noticed!), plumtreeblossom gave me two pairs of gloves! I hadn’t gotten around to getting a new pair after I had that glove taken out of my car a couple weeks back, and my hands have been very unhappy since this cold snap came in, so it was a very happy-making gift. Actually, it was a happy-making gift because it was from her, but as it happens it was also a very practical gift.
Tags: bi, diary, food, friends, plumtreeblossom

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