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The Post Meridian Radio Players (and Second Shift) 
15th-Jan-2007 11:35 pm
Astro: astronaut on untethered spacewalk
So I promised I’d post a link to the home page of the radio-drama performance group plumtreeblossom et al. performed in. They are the Post-Meridian Radio Players, and their site is www.pmrp.org. I look forward to listening to the CD of Chicken Heart I got, and I hope they do a podcast or a CD of Red Shift (the original radio comedy drama they performed at Arisia). They also have a LiveJournal community, pmrp.

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to see the other live radio-drama performance, Second Shift, but I did pick up CD set, so I’ll get to listen to their work as well. And it’s podcast at the aptly named www.secondshiftpodcast.com, so I’d get to listen to it even if I hadn’t bought the CDs, except that I’d have been a lot more likely to lose a scrap of paper with a URL on it than a two-CD set in bulky packaging.
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