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Now mostly on Facebook (and rarely caught up even there)
The weekend so far 
20th-Sep-2003 11:27 pm
Me: swimming at the Ledges

Very sleepy, so this will be short and incomplete.

  • (I was sure I’d already posted about Thursday, but I can’t find the entry. Maybe I forgot to press “Update Journal”.) Thursday towards the end of the day, I decided I was feeling carnivorous. Dropped zzbottom and missdimple a quick email asking if either/both of them would be interested in hunting some mammoth with me, on the off-chance they would get it before I left work. Got a call back from zzbottom, who said that not only were they already planning to go out to a steakhouse, they were planning to see Matchstick Man afterwards, and if I hurried over to their place I could join them. So I had excellent conversation, yummy food, and saw an absolutely great movie.
  • Friday was surrealestate’s going-away party, generously hosted by volta, which was a blast. I took the opportunity to give surrealestate a sarong I’d gotten for her a long time ago on a trip to Kona but had not remembered/gotten around to giving to her. There was cloven fruit, and I got to kiss some people I hadn’t kissed before, as well as some I had, among them the honoree herself (yum!) and the ever-luscious qwrrty. Unfortunately, the cloven fruit only made it to me twice, so there were many of you I did not get to. :-)
    I understand that volta did not on balance mind the effort involved in hosting, and thought the party turned out really well in the end. I for one hope I get to go to more parties at his place.
  • Saturday (just past) I met missdimple for the Biversity brunch at Doyle’s, which I always enjoy. There were eight other folks there, notably including lilbjorn, who’s a super sweetie. After brunch we went to Harvard Square to run some errands, and then went to hrafn’s birthday dinner at Helmand, an Afghan restaurant which is one of my very favourite restaurants (probably in my top ten; certainly in my top twenty). It was a great dinner with excellent company. I had the Theeka Kabab which was as excellent as it had been the last time I had it — I mentioned that I like restaurants where the food makes me make the same noises I make during sex. :-)
  • And tomorrow I’m helping bbbsg move her stuff up hither-ish from Providence, so I should definitely be in bed now.

(Yes, for me, this counts as a short entry.)

21st-Sep-2003 09:39 am (UTC)
I did not mind hosting at all, I only wish I had gotten my act together sooner to clean up the house. Really, though, I'm not sure how much credit I should take for 'hosting'; once the party started I really didn't do anything but enjoy it. :)

Now that it is mostly clean, and I've only got two more rooms to unpack, I'm sure there will be more parties at my place in the near future.
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