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Now mostly on Facebook (and rarely caught up even there)
Capsule summary of the past few days 
10th-Jan-2007 12:11 am
Me: on Ferris wheel 2012-09-09
OK, I again should be asleep instead of posting, but this time I’m going to post. Quickly, though, with bed to follow.
  • Wednesday and Friday: With a bunch of other people, saw off ragingamazon before her two-year adventure. (Well, “two-year adventure” is understating it. This is ragingamazon. Her whole life is an adventure.)
  • Saturday night: Had a quick dinner in Davis with plumtreeblossom, followed by a very fun reading night, followed by other fun.
  • Sunday morning: Went to a potluck brunch with plumtreeblossom, which involved catching up with all sorts of wonderful people I don’t see often enough, among them lilbjorn.
  • Sunday evening: Went back to Body Worlds 2 at the Museum of Science, this time with chienne_folle. Really enjoyed it again. Afterwards got to catch up with chienne_folle over very good meatloaf (mine) and corn tamales (hers) at the Cheesecake Factory.
  • Monday evening: Had cathijosephine over for a very unpretentious dinner.
  • Today: Finally called an auto glass place to have my window replaced (reminds me, I need to get some stuff out of the car before they come over). Had dinner and a wonderful conversation with plumtreeblossom in Davis, and briefly dropped in on the Diesel social afterwards, although it was pretty quiet by that time.
In other news, I finished watching Catch 22. I had only watched it once before, as a child, in a Cinemascope print projected with an ordinary lens so everybody on the screen was noodle-thin, with one of the speakers torn so there was this hideous buzzing all the time. Oh, and the projector bulb burned out for about 10min at one point in the middle of the movie. (For all I know, the reels were shown out of order, too. This was Catch 22; how would I have known?) It made much more sense this time around.
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