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New Year’s report

Well, the good far outweighs the bad, but I’ll start with the bad because it’s more recent:

I had a lot of stuff to do over break at work, and I slept a lot for the first part of break, so I was at work late today (New Year's Day) to catch up. When I came out to my car, I discovered that somebody had broken in. They got my cache of parking-meter quarters. Unless they’re scattered somewhere in the car (which is quite possible; it was a mess), they also got my ~$70 Bluetooth GPS receiver, a somewhat prized possession. I am very relieved that they didn’t get into the trunk (not that that would have been easy) and get my CPAP machine, or my big weekend-away-from-home duffelbag. And I have little micro-cuts from sorting through things. (I’m guessing safety glass wasn’t as good in 1983 as it is now, or else that it degrades over time, because in addition to the safety-glass-style chunks, there was lots of tiny glass dust. And I was sorting through things to see what they’d taken.)

I’ll need to do a better search (and clean out the glass) in the light sometime. [Just as I was about to post this I thought to run out and check: They didn’t take my EZ-Pass, which would have let them put tolls on my credit card until I noticed and cancelled it.]

The good, though, was very good! Fabulous New Year’s Eve party with fabulous people, including a few from out of town I was expecting to see and one from out of town I was pleasantly surprised to see, wonderful New Year’s Day brunch (at which I discovered that bacon and cheddar waffles are really yummy!), and all of it spent with the lovely and delightful plumtreeblossom. It was a very good New Year’s Eve, and a good beginning to the new year.

May you all have love, snuggles, good old friends, good new friends, and all the bacon and cheddar waffles you want in the new year!
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