Beowabbit (beowabbit) wrote,

A little more about the last couple days

Picked plumtreeblossom up at the airport on Tuesday. I had been planning on making dinner and bringing it over to her place, but my Tuesday had been too busy and I hadn't gotten to it. So after dropping her stuff off at her place and checking that the kitties were still in one piece (well, one piece each, anyway) we went out to dinner at Namaskar. But I didn't want to miss seeing minerva42 and underwatercolor at Diesel, so we stopped in on our way for a quick hello. Long story short, we ended up at Namaskar in a party of (I think the final total was) 13. It was delightful. I got the chicken tikka masala I'd been craving since the last time I was there when I had a taste of plumtreeblossom's. Then we went back to her place. *Slow fade to black.* We'd hoped to stop in and say hi to surrealestate, but we were too tired by that point.

The next day — plumtreeblossom's birthday — after exchanging a few more gifts we had a yummy breakfast at The Broken Yolk, a great little place right by plumtreeblossom's that she had never been to before. Then we ran some errands (including getting passport pictures taken), and I went in to work for a bit. (This wasn't as productive as I'd have liked, because between CPAP mask problems and kitty allergy I hadn't slept very well. Worth it, though.)

After work, I went back to Somerville to take plumtreeblossom out for a birthday dinner at Tú y Yo, a Mexican restaurant right by her place that she recently introduced me to and which instantly became one of my top five favourite restaurants in the area. I had chicken in a mole sauce and she had mushrooms in a cream sauce, both of which were spectacular.

Whoops, have to run — I'm posting from a(nother :-) restaurant, and my dinner's here. Anyway, it was a lovely birthday celebration!

Also got to have breakfast with cathijosephine this morning, which felt great after she's been away so much lately (between California and India). And tomorrow — Finnish steam baths!
Tags: birthdays, cathijosephine, diary, food, plumtreeblossom

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