Beowabbit (beowabbit) wrote,

Mysterious curling iron

Some weeks before docorion moved out, a Mysterious Curling Iron showed up in our living room, and I assumed it was mud_puppy’s. It’s still here, and I just checked in about it and they are each quite confident it doesn’t belong to them. Is it yours? If not, do you want a curling iron? It’s black-handled and marked “CONAIR INSTANT HEAT”.
‘Everyone who has found a hitherto unknown egg-whisk jamming an innocent kitchen drawer knows that raw matter is continually flowing into the universe in fairly developed forms, popping into existence normally in ashtrays, vases, and glove compartments. It chooses its shape to allay suspicion, and common manifestations are paperclips, the pins out of shirt packaging, the little keys for central heating radiators, marbles, bits of crayon, mysterious sections of herb-chopping devices, and old Kate Bush albums. Why matter does this is unclear, but it is evident that matter has Plans.’
―Terry Pratchett, Eric
Tags: psa

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