Beowabbit (beowabbit) wrote,

Very brief summary

Wonderful wonderful pie breakfast chez bbbsg and chillguru.

Awesome Thanksgiving dinner at plumtreeblossom's, the first joint event we've done (although she really did all the work), and a true delight with some wonderful people (and two wonderful cats), and The Very Best Gravy plumtreeblossom and I Had Ever Had in Our Lives, courtesy of the delightful and massively talented heliopsis.

Got in phone calls with my parents, with my sister, and with sionnagh.

My life is good. I'm thankful for many things, among them relatively new love with plumtreeblossom, a close and warm circle of friends, and the fact that cathijosephine (with whom I have a strong and lasting friendship) seems to be well and truly through the worst of her tonsillectomy recovery.

Oh, I'm also thankful for getting my brain back! That's my big news of the past decade. :-)
Tags: diary, events, family, food, friends, important, plumtreeblossom

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