Beowabbit (beowabbit) wrote,

cathijosephine’s adventure last night

I just got back from spending the night with cathijosephine and her dad in the hospital; she’s basically OK at this point but she sure had a miserable night. I saw her last night and she said that yesterday had been a really bad day for pain and nausea, and she hadn't really been able to eat or drink. So she knew when she decided she needed to go to the hospital that a big chunk of the problem was dehydration, and they put her on an IV right away. They also gave her very good anti-nausea drugs and not-as-effective-but-let-her-get-some-sleep pain drugs. It was a very good ER experience; she got pretty much what she needed in a very timely fashion. (Some of that was luck; it was very quiet most of the night. It started to get really busy just as we were waiting for her to be discharged.)

And docorion was working today, so she got a hug from him before she left; she was discharged just after he arrived.

I’m really glad her dad has been able to be here through this process. And I’m really glad for all the other people who have been supporting and visiting her, like woodwardiocom and buxom_bey and xmelancholia and treasonx and especially the ever-amazing darxus, whom I got to see briefly last night when I came over.

Now it’s time for me to sleep!
Tags: cathijosephine, diary, friends, important, psa

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