Beowabbit (beowabbit) wrote,

cathijosephine’s operation

I should have posted this last night; sorry! cathijosephine’s tonsillectomy yesterday went very well. Her doctor says the worst day is going to be Sunday, when her painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs wear off, but yesterday anyway she was able to talk and walk and pretty much do everything but swallow. I didn’t get to see him, but darxus was going to come over yesterday after work, and cathijosephine’s father’s staying with her for a few days, which is a big help because she always has somebody there to make her crushed ice or run out and get something from the store. Also, I got to see xmelancholia and treasonx on Thursday, as cathijosephine celebrated her last night of solid food with a really yummy pastrami sandwich. Anyway, cathijosephine has a good support network, and so far the operation seems to have gone really well. She says it’s often already easier to breathe.
Tags: cathijosephine, diary, important, psa

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