Beowabbit (beowabbit) wrote,

Quick almost-update

Too busy to do a full report, but I just wanted to say that I’ve had a lovely past few days, much of them spent with plumtreeblossom, much of them spent with cathijosephine, and a bit spent with the wonderful faerieschylde, whom I don’t get to see often enough. I just got home from seeing plumtreeblossom (performing and doing sound effects) in a trio of radio plays performed live tonight, and she was fabulous. Bumped into surrealestate unexpectedly afterwards and got to hang out and chat a bit. She was dressed as the Red Sox’ playoff hopes — i.e., thoroughly dead, and wearing a Red Sox uniform. Speaking of sports, I got an entertaining football lesson from cathijosephine Monday night at our favourite local Irish pub, which had a game on. I knew she used to watch football with her dad; what I hadn’t realized until last night was that that was entirely voluntary on her part. :-) I learned all sorts of stuff.

I could say lots more, but it’s time for sleepy ’wabbits to go beddy-bye.
Tags: arts, cathijosephine, diary, friends, plumtreeblossom, travel

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