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Being social, anyway.

I think I already mentioned that the Poly Boston Bertucci’s dinner was well-attended, fun, and educational.

Tuesday I wasn’t expecting to go to the Diesel since I got to work very late and I had a bunch of stuff to do at home. But I had a successful afternoon at work and came to a natural stopping point around six and decided to go ahead and go to the Diesel since I knew chienne_folle was going to be there. Had a nice (and somewhat quieter and more sedate than usual) time at the Diesel, followed by a very pleasant dinner with chienne_folle and adrian_turtle at Yoshi’s.

And today was The Nightmare Before Christmas 3D with golux_org, lycaena, warlord_mit, and the ever-delectable plumtreeblossom. Many thanks to plumtreeblossom for organizing that! This was the first time I’d seen a 3D movie on the big screen, and it was done with polarized filters rather than the traditional 50s-style red-green glasses, so the colours were all bright and vivid. It was tremendous fun! (It was also the first time I’d seen The Nightmare Before Christmas on the big screen at all; I didn’t see it in the theatres when it first came out.)

Now time to tidy my room a bit, throw some food in the crockpot, and sleep.
Tags: arts, diary, food, friends, plumtreeblossom, poly

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