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Catching up a bit...

Hi. I was not following LJ for a while, from approximately Wednesday the 28th through approximately Tuesday the 2d, due to being really busy and being away from net access for BiCamp, and I don’t think I’m going to catch up, so if there’s something I was supposed to see or just that you’d like to call my attention to, please drop me a piece of email.

My life has been quite a roller-coaster lately. I like to think of myself as a stable, serene person, but times like this make me wonder. I wish I’d had the time to post about this stuff as it was happening, because now I’m writing about stuff that was several hills of the roller-coaster ago, but I’m going to try to catch up a bit. The very quick capsule summary:

  • before BiCamp: fabulous
  • BiCamp: rough at first, then great.
  • after BiCamp: very rough, but in an optimistic, making-slow-important-progress kind of way.

No time right now to catch all the way up to the present (and some of this I’m not going to write about anyway), but I wanted to get a start. I picked docorion and sionnagh up at the airport on Wednesday morning, the 27th (the day after my birthday). It was fabulous to see them. They dropped me off at work and went on home to get some sleep, since they'd been flying all night.

Wednesday night we went to Addis Red Sea for dinner. I think that’s sionnagh's favourite restaurant in the Boston area, and it’s certainly high on docorion's and my lists as well. There’s no Ethiopian food on O’ahu that they’ve found, so sionnagh has been really craving it. We had a truly delightful time there.

Thursday night we went to Namaskar, an amazing Indian restaurant in Davis Square that opened up after docorion and sionnagh moved away (and which I was recently introduced to myself by Dreaming. The food and the service were both spectacular! I think that place is my new favourite Indian restaurant on the planet (replacing a place in Ottawa whose name I can’t quite remember, but it might have been Star of India). The food was amazing, the decor was pleasant, the service was outstanding, and the proprietor was friendly. Hard to imagine a better dining experience that doesn’t involve Nutella and nudity.

Speaking of nudity, I’ll post something about BiCamp shortly, I hope.

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