Beowabbit (beowabbit) wrote,

Good news!

Good news — I get my CPAP machine on Monday. And I don’t even have to miss much work for it.

I’m getting this one, and paying a bit extra out-of-pocket for a battery attachment so I can take it camping. I’m glad I did some homework, because I told the supplier about a mask I want to try (in addition to the more standard ones) and he didn’t know about it but is going to order it for me.

In less pleasant news, I scheduled a couple of EEGs (more elaborate than the ones during the sleep study), and they’re both going to be extremely icky. One requires me to stay up all night the night before. The other one requires me to have my head entirely wrapped in gauze and go home (that’ll be fun on the T; I just hope Homeland Security doesn’t decide I’m a terrus and take me out) and stay plugged into an electrical outlet for 24 hours while a monitoring device collects data. That’s because my sleep specialist noticed something odd in my EEG during the sleep study ("flowing", she called it) and wants to check it out and make sure it’s nothing to worry about.
Tags: diary, health, me, medicine

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