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Now mostly on Facebook (and rarely caught up even there)
Fab date 
24th-Sep-2006 02:36 pm
Misc: BiCamp campfire
Had a wonderful date with plumtreeblossom last night. Made her crockpot chicken and dumplings for dinner, and then we drove to Providence for WaterFire, which I’d never been to and which was delightful (and, as plumtreeblossom pointed out, very romantic — smooching by firelight by the side of the river!). Then she stayed at my place, and in the morning I made croissants (out of a can, but still) for breakfast. It was truly delightful.

Not sure why, but I sleep much better with company. (plumtreeblossom sleeps best in a familiar bed, so the couple times she’s stayed over here so far she hasn’t slept terribly well, but we expect that will get better over time as she gets used to sleeping here.

Tonight cathijosephine and darxus are coming over for dinner. I’d planned on making Kalua pig for plumtreeblossom, but Friday night (when I would have had to start it) I discovered I didn’t have the right hunk o’ pork, so I ended up making chicken and dumplings yesterday and running out to get the pork roast for Kalua pig tonight. (And I have to try to remember to bring some over to plumtreeblossom’s on Thursday, so she can try it!)
24th-Sep-2006 07:24 pm (UTC)
Mmmmwah. :-) It was a beautiful night.

I so wish I could have stayed for dinner tonight with the gang, but T@F calls (harrumph, and T@F doesn't even take me on romantic dates to Providence!). Have a wonderful dinner, you three!

And no worries, the sleeping is getting much better. Each time I woke up, I felt so warm and content having you there by my side that I didn't even mind being awake. :-)

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