Beowabbit (beowabbit) wrote,

Good weekend! After getting home from the sleep study (and posting about it), I got together with chienne_folle, for conversation and a movie. She’s always a delight. She made pizza, and since I discovered that the V for Vendetta DVD case I had brought did not in fact have the V for Vendetta DVD in it, we watched Blade, which was basically a movie about special effects.

(Yesterday morning right after the sleep study I’d felt fabulous, but by the afternoon the short and interrupted night was starting to catch up with me and I was slowing down a bit. Didn’t affect my enjoyment of the rest of the day, though.)

Then I drove to plumtreeblossom’s and we went to House of Tibet for momos. I had been there recently (with jadia), but they had been having a fundraiser at the time and hadn’t had their regular menu, so I hadn’t gotten my momo craving sated. (We ended up having an unexpectedly heavy talk over dinner, but it ended up well.)

We scooped up surrealestate at her place and went to Johnny D’s for a Booty Vortex concert. Booty Vortex is amazing. We had a fabulous time, although plumtreeblossom and I ducked out a bit before the end of the concert because I was tired.

I stayed over at her place for the first time last night, which was an unqualified success even from a histamine point of view. I’d been a bit concerned how I would react to her cats (which have the run of the house and often sleep on the bed), but with some allergy medication before bed I was fine. We both slept really well.

After a lovely morning that included my first trip to Kelly’s Diner, which I loved, we drove to The Fells, visited with the dogs at the Sheepfold a bit (people bring their dogs there to run around, as sionnagh and I used to do a lot with Kodi), and hiked a bit. We ended up spending a fair amount of time on the big flat rocky peak of a hill, enjoying the view and the sun and chatting, and while we were sitting there a nice Italian guy in his 50s or early 60s who was picking mushrooms came by and entertained us for several minutes talking about mushrooms, life, TV (he was against it), boyhood time with his dad in Italy (that involved mushrooms, too), and probably many other things. He was sweet and warm-spirited and it was one of those little vignettes that make life more interesting.

I took a bunch of photos of plumtreeblossom while we were there, one or two of which I will probably post, pending her approval.

And now, it’s off to bed. Well, it’s off to dishes, laundry, shower, clearing all the junk off the bed that I piled there when I was looking for tools this evening, and bed. Almost as good. :-)
Tags: animals, arts, diary, food, important, outdoors, plumtreeblossom, strangers

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