Beowabbit (beowabbit) wrote,

More Massachusetts Democratic primary info/recommendations

Earlier, in my post supporting Deval Patrick, I suggested that you needed to be registered as a Democrat in order to vote in the Democratic primary. I read something recently that says that’s not the case; you can also be registered as “unenrolled” — you just can’t actually be registered in a different party.

lilbjorn has recommendations for Tuesday’s Democratic primary (namely: Patrick, Silbert, Bonifaz) which I intend to follow — I confess I had only been following the governor’s race. Also, cos agrees with lilbjorn’s support of Bonifaz for Secretary of the Commonwealth. It sounds like Bonifaz is not likely to win, but it also sounds like a vote for Bonifaz is a vote against vote-rigging, and this is a race where a vote of conscience does no harm, so I’ll vote against vote-rigging.
Tags: boston, politics, psa, quincy

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