Beowabbit (beowabbit) wrote,

Quick update

Just got home; here’s a quick update:
  • Talked to my mother for a good little while this morning (and to Don for a bit). She’s not having the time of her life, but she’s doing better than she was yesterday, she’s in good spirits, all signs so far are that it is not a blood clot (which seems to be what her doctors were most eager to rule out) but pneumonia or pleurisy, and mirabile visu the food in the hospital is actually good!
  • Despite leaving a couple of voicemail messages (with different people) and a piece of email with URGENT in the subject line, I have heard nothing from Fenway’s referrals department (or my nurse) about whether my referral will be processed in time for me to keep my sleep-specialist appointment tomorrow. So I’m going to go ahead and keep it, and cross my fingers and hope it gets paid for. (That’s just a consultation, not the actual study.) Fenway has some really awesome healthcare professionals, but they also have some significantly broken infrastructure.
  • cathijosephine’s sleep study last night was a horribly gruelling experience, but it sounds like it produced useful data.
  • Chickenfinger is still cute.
  • Run Lola Run is still a hugely fun movie.
Tags: family, health

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