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Now mostly on Facebook (and rarely caught up even there)
Muppets, dimples, bottoms, and dreams 
19th-Aug-2003 12:04 am
Me: on Ferris wheel 2012-09-09

It’s late and I’m tired, so I’ll just briefly mention:

  • Saturday’s fun party chez mizarchivist, quiet_elegance, and fubar,
  • Sunday’s well nigh perfect birthday gathering for missdimple,
  • Monday afternoon’s trip to Canobie Lake Park with zzbottom, and
  • Monday evening’s lovely and fabulously well-attended dinner for Dreaming, who’s going back to school all too soon. (At least he’s not moving five thousand miles away like some people I know. :-)
And with these lovely images, to bed.
19th-Aug-2003 04:06 am (UTC)
Who's moving 5000 miles away? I'd assume it to be me, but Denver's just shy of 2000. :)
19th-Aug-2003 04:56 am (UTC)
Dr. Orion and sionnagh moved 5000 miles away.
19th-Aug-2003 07:28 am (UTC)
Ah . . .
19th-Aug-2003 02:59 pm (UTC) - Some people? What people exactly?
Subject says it all, don't you think? Exactly what are you implying? You *could* come out to the land of lotus blossoms and eternal summer, but noooooo...:-)
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