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Snakes on a weekend

Lovely weekend so far. Actually, last week was pretty good, too. Thursday and Friday were very low-spoon days for me at work, but still ended up being quite productive. Friday was my boss’ first day back from a month and a half’s paternity leave, and he and I worked together to solve a problem that I’d been having since before he left with an important piece of our infrastructure. Granted, that problem was me doing something stupid, but it still feels good to have it solved. :-)

Then Friday evening I met plumtreeblossom (whom I just almost mistyped as plumtreegoddess, but that’s not bad!), surrealestate, and massagewhore to see Snakes on a Plane, which was a lot of fun. In that connection, I have to show you one of ariwriter’s userpics, which I just stumbled across in davis_square:
Afterwards we went to Happy Buddha for dinner and had a great and boisterous time.

Saturday I slept blessedly late, and then met cathijosephine and darxus for brunch at IHOP (near my and cathijosephine’s places). We were all kind of sleepy, but had a good time. When I got home I realized I could make chicken and dumplings if I had chicken, dumplings, and other ingredients. So I went shopping and ended up getting home later than anticipated, but put everything in the crockpot and got a bit of stuff done on the computer before plumtreeblossom called to say she was at Quincy Center. I met her there and we went to the local second-run theater to see An Inconvenient Truth for $2.50. There wasn’t much that was new to me, but there was a lot that I knew in words and numbers that was a lot more powerful in images, and I was very impressed with it.

We came back to my place, plopped the dumplings in the crock pot, and managed to kill the time while we were waiting for them to be done somehow. Then we discovered that the dumplings weren’t quite ready, so we popped I Am Curious (Yellow) in the DVD player (and ended up finishing it while we ate). Neither of us had seen it before, and it was weird and impressive and disturbing. (Does anybody reading this happen to know whether Martin Luther King was actually interviewed specifically for the movie, or whether they used archival footage? It sort of looked like archival footage.) Then there was dessert, and then plumtreeblossom and I got to spend our first night together, which was lovely.

Sunday morning (today) I slept very late (yay), and plumtreeblossom was excited about IHOP, so I ended up having breakfast there twice in two days. That’s good; it makes up for all the time at the gym. :-) I’d been hoping that plumtreeblossom would join me at darxus’ place for movies today, but she had a lot of things she had to get done. (So did I, but I ended up not doing them.) So I dropped plumtreeblossom off at home and went over to darxus place. I was an hour late. cathijosephine wasn’t out of bed yet. Weekends are wonderful!

ragingamazon joined us, and we watched V for Vendetta and Sin City (both of which I think we’d all seen before). Good stuff, especially V.

I’m running out of steam, so that will do for now. Hope y’all are having fun weekends, too!
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