Beowabbit (beowabbit) wrote,

URGENT for people meeting me for dinner tonight

[EDIT: We’ll be going across the street to Picco for pizza and/or sandwiches, with ice cream after if anybody feels like it. However, we’ll still be meeting in front of Addis Red Sea. I’ve put my name (“Jay”) on the waiting list at Picco. They say a worst-case wait for a party our size would be about 20min if they’re busy.]

Hi. I tried to call yesterday afternoon to make a reservation for tonight, but Addis wasn't open yet. I forgot last night. I just called now (as soon as they were open today), and they can't seat a party our size any time near 7:30. Eek! So I'm afraid we'll need to meet there at 7:30 and go someplace else. There's the very fancy pizza place across the street and a half-block or so down -- does anybody remember the name of that so I can call up and make sure they can accommodate us?

Also, if you see this before you leave and you will have a cell phone with you, can you comment with the number? I've screened comments.
Tags: food, psa, temporary

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