Beowabbit (beowabbit) wrote,

Reminders: Birthday dinner (25th), games day (27th)

Hi! Just a reminder of my birthday dinner on August 25th at Addis Red Sea and games at my house in Quincy on August 27th. RSVPs (necessary for the dinner, since I’ll be making a reservation; optional but nice for the games afternoon, and will get you directions to my house) can be by email or by commenting on LJ.

On the 27th, I expect games and socialising to start at 2:00pm and go till 9:00pm or so, with a break for take-out. (And Quincy has some really yummy take-out.)

Also, for our listeners who have just tuned in, I’m looking for a housemate for September 1. (Probably more convenient to comment here or email me directly if you’re interested than to reply via Craigslist.)

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