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It’s way too late and I’m way too tired to be writing this, but I wanted to jot my memories of this weekend down.

Friday evening I got together with Dreaming. We had tentative plans to see a movie or have dinner or something like that. We ended up seeing two movies and having dinner at the lovely new Indian place in Davis Square in between. (Yet another place I need to try to take Tigris and Tom when they’re here.) We saw Winged Migration at the Somerville Theatre. Neither of us was thrilled with the soundtrack, but the cinematography was amazing and gorgeous. Now I finally know what I want to be when I grow up: I want to be a bird. (Tigris, there was a nice little bit with rockhopper and King penguins! I know you worked with the rockhoppers; did the Aquarium have any Kings when you were there?)

Then, after a spectacular dinner, we saw the midnight showing of Donnie Darko at the Coolidge. I really, really liked it. Demented, thought-provoking, low-budget — it was all things fine cinema should be. :-) And have I mentioned demented?

Saturday afternoon, I went over to help missdimple with museum work. It was just me and and missdimple and C. (if she has an LJ, I don’t know her LJ name). It was very productive; I think we went through a larger volume of stuff (mostly clothing, which museumfolk call “textiles” :-) than we have on previous volunteer afternoons.

For me, the high point was connecting a note we’d found the previous month with some of the artifacts. The note was by (presumably) the mother of a man who had died in the Civil War, and she was writing in 1877 about her feelings about his loss, and parenthetically about the change the Civil War had brought. When we’d looked at it the previous month, we’d assumed it was actually a letter that had been sent, but this month we read the whole thing and discovered that it was actually a note she’d put for herself or I suppose for whoever might come across it in a box (since missing) with this man’s first baby shoes. And we’d found the baby shoes! She’d written “Nattie’s first shoes” (if I’m remembering correctly) on them. I’d thought it was a bit odd when we ran across the shoes with writing on them, but it makes sense in connection with the note. Yay! That sort of thing is part of what I like so much about helping with the collection, the little connections and bits of puzzle pieces falling together, and the sense of a window into the lives of people who lived long ago.


C. had to leave right afterwards, and I stayed a bit later since I’d gotten there late. Then our mutual friend J. came over and the three of us hung out for a bit and then went out for ice cream. That was great; I hadn’t seen J. in a while, and it was wonderful catching up a bit.

Then Sunday I went over to queue’s for games. It ended up being quite a few people, and lots of fun. There was much euchre (in which I did not partake). I ended up playing some Carcassonne Hunters and Gatherers, an excellent closely-fought game of Cities and Knights, and some Quiddler (solitaire demo; different gameplay but shows cards). Had a really nice time! queue has good friends. (And so do I; lucky ’wabbit!)

And now it’s really time to sleep!

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