Beowabbit (beowabbit) wrote,

Adventures in 0g (and 2g)

corivax is going to get to ride NASA’s Vomit Comet tomorrow; unindicted coconspirator adularia flew today. Go read adularia’s description of the flight, and look at corivaxpictures of NASA signage [EDIT: which are locked, but see corivax’ comment below. Mother and Don, this is another good argument for you getting LJ accounts. :-)]. (And I’m sure corivax will post about the flight tomorrow.)

I want to be corivax when I grow up.

(Yes, I should be packing for my trip to NYC tomorrow morning, or sleeping, or maybe getting done some of the things I needed to get done the last few days and didn’t, instead of posting to LiveJournal. Such is the way of the world.)
Tags: friends, links, science

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