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I’ve had a good last few days. Sunday morning I went over to darxus’ for breakfast with him and cathijosephine: thick-cut maple bacon, pancakes (in the bacon grease, and measured in millistrokes), and fried potatoes with garlic salt. Yummy. After that extremely satisfying meal we all collapsed for a long nap. That was the first time I’d shared a bed with cathijosephine since the breakup; it was really nice, and at the same time both a kind of milestone and no big deal. The no-big-dealness of it was actually part of why it was nice.

Monday evening I think I did something, but I don’t remember what. Maybe I just puttered around the house.

Tuesday I helped elusiveat move a carload to her new place, and we enjoyed a rich armchair-anthropology argument in the car, which was fun. After the run to her new place, we went to La Crêperie between Harvard and Central squares for really yummy lunch. nex0s had introduced me to it a while back, but I’d forgotten about it. I must go back. After that we went to a little café nearby for dessert and coffee, and I dropped her off at her conference. In the evening, I went to a delightful potluck with excellent food and company, where I got to share my recent culinary experiment.

Wednesday evening I met plumtreeblossom and lots of other wonderful people (including the elusive Dreaming, whom it was a delightful surprise to see) for Shakespeare on the Common, which was playing The Taming of the Shrew, set in the North End and Revere Beach in the 1950s. I did not like the play itself, but the treatment more than made up for it. I refer you to plumtreeblossom’s and lifecollage’s recent posts about it if you want more discussion of that. Huge thanks to plumtreeblossom for organizing that, and for her delightful company...

...which I got more of tonight, Thursday, when we met at Emperor’s Garden for dinnertime dim sum. Wow, dim sum is an inexpensive way to get a yummy meal. We both ate for $11.something total. (I barely had room for a couple of slices of docorion’s yummy banana bread when I got home, but I soldiered on.) It was great to get to sit and chat with her. We met through surrealestate, and all our previous interaction had been with other people around, so it was nice to just sit and talk and hang out. As mentioned, when I got home there was banana bread, and there was also the new Dr. Tran DVD, which I watched with docorion. As docorion said, those boys need some serious medical help. And docorion should know. AFTER ALL, HE’S A DOCTOR!

It’s a full fun weekend coming up, too: driving cathijosephine up to faerieschylde’s after work tomorrow, a party for docorion on Saturday, picking cathijosephine up and getting together with plumtreeblossom on Sunday.

See, this is the problem with not getting around to posting very often; when I do, there’s way too much to tell, so I can’t do any of it justice, and it sounds like “breakfast blogging”, an excellent term I heard from mangosteen at Shakespeare on the Common.
Tags: arts, cathijosephine, diary, docorion, food, friends, outdoors, plumtreeblossom, travel

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