Beowabbit (beowabbit) wrote,

Free for the taking in Quincy: bedframe w/headboard & boxsprings, CD racks

Howdy. docorion is getting rid of his old bed, consisting of a wooden bedframe with four drawers, a quite pretty silver-grey curved metal headboard, and a Sealy queen-sized boxsprings, but no mattress. It’s available for the taking in Quincy.

Also, I have two nice wooden CD racks I’m giving away. They’re perfectly fine, I just can’t find a good place in my house for them, and since I always rip my CDs and play them on my MP3 player, I don’t have a strong need to have the CDs out. They are about 5' tall and maybe a yard wide.

I removed some of the cross-bars so that I could put books on the lower shelves, as you can see in the photos linked below. I (miraculously) even know where the cross-bars are, so I can give them to you with the shelves. If you want to put them back in, it’s slightly fiddly (all the cross-bars need to be aligned at once so you can screw the sides back on) but not hard.

Pictures of all this are at . Let me know if you want anything, and I’ll get you directions.

(Also, I have a broken countertop dishwasher — needs a new door, because the window broke, and the thing that clips it onto your faucet doesn’t quite seal right, a fancy A/V switch that I could never get to power on, and a pair of devices that are supposed to plug in to power outlets and let you bridge Ethernet over your electrical wiring that never worked for me. If anybody is interested in any of those, let me know, and I’ll get you more information.)
Tags: house, psa

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