Beowabbit (beowabbit) wrote,

More on choosing a doctor (and other medical news)

Hi! So the current two leading contenders for Wabbit veterinarian are Alex Gonzalez and Janice MacGillivray, both at Fenway. Anybody besides the people who recommended them have opinions about them? (Also, Tom Barber is at Quincy Medical Center and has a strong recommendation; I’d love further opinions about him as well.)

I’ve screened comments by default so you can give me positive, negative, or neutral feedback about them with impunity, but I will unscreen anything that’s not actually about a doctor unless you ask me not to.

In unrelated medical news, I’ve definitely got what I presume is eisa’s bacterial infection. I’m home from work today and planning on doing lots of sleeping. I don’t have it nearly as bad as she did, but neither am I good for much besides sleeping today.

Reading: Finished The Light Fantastic yesterday on the train. Might start Equal Rites today if I feel like I have enough focus to read.
Tags: books, diary, health, medicine, recommendations

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