Beowabbit (beowabbit) wrote,

Weekend Update (live from Saturday Night)

Busy, busy week at work, and productively so. My boss is about to have a baby (well, his wife is), and that’s happening a bit sooner than expected, so this week was all about him trying to brain dump to us as fast as possible before disappearing for six weeks. There was also a long power outage that we got a few days notice of. Anyway, lots of stuff that wasn’t routine, which made me happy.

Tuesday I got together with chienne_folle for yummy, yummy diner food in Wakefield, followed by Pirates of the Caribbean II, which was nice fluffy fun. We did lots of catching up, too. Also, my conversation with chienne_folle pretty much convinced me that yes, I do have sleep apnea, despite what my doctor said when I raised the possibility with her a couple years ago. This is exciting, because it means that there may actually be something to be done about my erratic memory and low energy level. I need to contact her again and see if I can get a referral for a sleep study. (And then talk to an otolaryngologist, because while I suspect a CPAP machine will help, I also want to look into things I can do while travelling or camping or sleeping with people who don’t want a machine running by their heads.)

Wednesday, um, I think something probably happened, but I don’t remember what.

Thursday I got together spur-of-the-moment with elusiveat for Thai food and hanging around in Harvard Square, which was delightful.

Friday I went back to chienne_folle’s for a games night that her lovely husband was having, and met some nifty people and watched a fun game of Carcassonne.

Today I went to bbbsg and chillguru’s place and had a fabulous time.

Here’s about where you all say “Low energy level? What is he talking about?” Well, I left very early, because I’m wiped out. I considered not going in the first place, actually, because I was so tired. But yes, I realize my “low energy level” is some people’s “manic frenzy”.

Watching: As mentioned above, Pirates of the Caribbean II with the marvellous chienne_folle. The Italian Job (the 1969 original) on the subway yesterday, which I loved. Started Cat People (the 1982 remake) on the train today. I saw it when it was first released (and yes, all you young ’uns with your cell phones and your electric iceboxes and your motor cars, I was already old enough to drool over Natassja Kinski then :-) but I found it for sale cheap and wanted to watch it again. It has very stylish and memorable opening credits. :-) I’m quite fond of being able to put my DVDs on a video jukebox and watch them on the train.
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