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A delightful day 
2nd-Aug-2003 08:53 pm
Me: swimming at the Ledges

I just finished hosting a lovely Poly Boston brunch at my house. And yes, I do mean I just finished hosting, despite it being 9pm. It didn’t last as long as a certain pancake breakfast of my acquaintance, but the brunch part lasted from 11 until 16 or so, and the last few people stayed playing games until now. At the peak I think there were about 25 people here, maybe 30 — so it was unusually well attended for Poly Boston events at our house lately. (The discussion with the reporter in attendance probably beat it, but not by much.) I had a great time, and I think other people did too. At first, of course, I was running around making sure everybody had what they needed and trying to find things and scrambling eggs and that sort of thing, but there was only an hour or so of that, and then I got to relax too. Dreaming did quite a lot of cooking, and all his food was really great, especially the tofu scramble which was stupendous. This was the first time I’d had a brunch here (at all) and the first time I’d had a Poly Boston event here involving food (and actually, the first time I’d had a gathering here that involved food — I’m not much of a cook, which is part of why this was brunch, where I could get by with bagels and scrambled eggs).

It was also the first time I’d had an event here where I was organized enough to come up with an appropriate music playlist (and had enough of my CD collection digitized to make that worthwhile). I chose mostly upbeat instrumental folk rock, mainly British-Isles influenced but with some other cultures thrown in (bands like Boiled in Lead, Silly Wizard, and Tempest), with a little traditional folk thrown in (De Dannan), and a few vocal songs (mostly slightly amusing ones like Silly Wizard’s “False Knight on the Road” and “Female Drummer”). Given how late people stayed, I would have liked to have more songs so that they didn’t repeat as often, but it was a nice mix, it suited the tone of the event nicely, it didn’t interfere with conversation, and it made the event feel a little more festive.

I got a little time with sweetmmeblue and Dr. Daddy’s kids, which was nice. I got to spend some time chatting with greenfizzpops and dje, which is a rare treat due to geography, and chat with them about their impending trip to the Wrong Coast (and do some minor geekery), got to chat with a friend I know mostly through BiHealth, which was really nice because I don’t see her often enough, got to meet some people who hadn’t (I believe) come to a Poly Boston event before, and got to sample lots of people’s yummy food. And I felt great about hosting an event that so many people seemed to have such a good time at. Yay! I probably don’t have the energy to do this on a regular basis (and as somebody pointed out, part of the appeal was that it was a different kind of event from our regular ones), but I’m definitely going to do this again.

All in all, quite a success!

4th-Aug-2003 04:05 am (UTC) - yay
'twas a fine event. Sorry we had so much to do and had to scoot early.

I still think we should have a "finish Jay's kitchen" event. No potholders? Man, do you not cook.

--Dr Daddy (amused)
4th-Aug-2003 09:34 am (UTC) - Re: yay
Yeah, as the day progressed I made a little shopping list of all the things I didn't have and wished I had. (Many of them, like potholders and an egg whisk, were things I remembered being in the kitchen, but that must have ended up in a kitchen 5000 miles away. :-) Anyway, glad you and sweetmmeblue and your kids could make it!
6th-Aug-2003 10:44 pm (UTC) - the vegan chef hits! you are being rapidly consumed!
I'm glad I came. It was fun to cook something (and I rarely make breakfast even when I do cook :) and especially to share it with everyone there. Plus the atmosphere was always warm and friendly. Thanks for hosting it!

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