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I finally finished Humphry Clinker a couple weeks ago, and enjoyed it quite a lot, despite the preachiness. (I haven’t made much progress on my father’s book about it, though.)

I then read and really enjoyed The Great Time Machine Hoax by Keith Laumer. Somebody on my Friends list, or perhaps on OKCupid, recommended it, so I tracked down a copy. (It was published in 1964 and is long out of print.) Quite funny, in an early-60s-satire sort of way.

I am now reading Oroonoko: or, the Royal Slave, a True History, published in 1688. So far, it’s more interesting as a document of its era than as literature, but it’s interesting and short. I haven’t gotten to the title character’s enslavement and sale to Europeans yet.

I’m also reading some short stories out of a collection called Oceans of Space, whose theme is the connection between seafaring and space travel (or other science-fiction themes). The couple I’ve read so far have been entertaining, but not particularly well written.

[EDIT: Oh, and I also read Witches Abroad recently.]
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