January 21st, 2013

Me: resting in sionnagh's back yard in K

Flyby check-in

Too busy and tired for a real post, but here are a few scattered impressions:
  • I’m going to be directing! I’ll be directing audioboy’s staged radio-play adaptation of the 1954 movie Them!. I am hugely looking forward to my first directing experience, and am very grateful to audioboy and the rest of PMRP for the opportunity. [Note to self: Post this to Facebook, too. Also Twitter, ВКонтакте, Friendster, Orkut, G+, QQ, G--, E♭-major, and Compuserve.]
  • Work has been exceptionally busy and high-stress lately.
  • That said, I took Friday off to make a four-day weekend which was utterly excellent. Much of it was spent with plumtreeblossom’s company, and I got to see lots of other wonderful friends, and it was generally a wonderful weekend.
  • ...marred somewhat by plumtreeblossom’s phone dying. For the second time. She gets it through work and so getting it repaired or replaced has some extra layers of bureaucracy and delay. Given how panicky she and I each get when we’re having phone problems, and how flaky her phone and her service have been, I decided it was time to get us an emergency backup to share, so I did, and I’ll be taking it over to her later today.