May 13th, 2012

Lang: Rosetta stone

Phonetic alphabet

So, since SALMON and PSYCHIATRIST are the phonetic-alphabet¹ spellings for L and P respectively², I'm curious what the rest of the alphabet is like. Some letters are obvious, of course, like DAMN for N, HONOR for H, and WRY for W (or should that be ANSWER?), but would anybody care to make suggestions for the rest of the alphabet? The vowels seem particularly hard; I mean TAOISEACH is great, but is it the spelling for A, O, or E? Or should we just go for maximum efficiency and use it for all three?
¹ In the radio spelling alphabet sense, of course.
² According, of course, [spoiler]to that authoritative and reliable source for all such topics (including mathematics), Red Shift, Interplanetary Do-Gooder.