December 9th, 2010

Me: on Ferris wheel 2012-09-09

Way overdue brief update

Sorry I’m so overdue for this. I’m so busy these days I’m not even keeping up with my very most favoritest webcomics. :-) (Sorry, Randy and Jeph!)

Had a fabulous visit from my parents (my mother silverlibre and stepfather ka9sqb), much of it spent with plumtreeblossom. Highlights were a yummy Thanksgiving dinner which vanguardcdk joined us for, lots of Brazilian barbecue, a little tour of my building at work, and a trip to the Museum of Science, which my parents really enjoyed.

(Aside: plumtreeblossom and I have Museum of Science memberships that let us bring guests for free. I’m just saying.)

Also made it to woodwardiocom and buxom_bey’s house for tree-trimming and socializing, which was lovely. Unfortunately, I missed a couple other gatherings I really wanted to make it to, due to Too Much Stuff in Too Few Hours.

I am in the middle of a huge cleaning and decrufting in my office, which as long as I’ve lived in this house has been the room I hid all my junk in when I couldn’t think of anyplace else to put it. A certain amount of progress is being made.

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Work has been busy, fun, and full of adventure.

Sorry to be doing this in bullet-points, but at least I’ve finally gotten around to posting!